Whatsapp is preparing to bring many new features and updates for its iOS and Android users. In such a situation, if the user has an iPhone then the user can see many major changes as soon as the release of iOS 10, such as Siri Support, handsfree messaging, WhatsApp calls and messages responding to the messages, even if the lock is locked. In addition, WhatsApp’s voice calls can also be made directly from the contact list. So read this article and know about what will be the changes.

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Many major changes will be made for the Android user too. According to the Android Police, Whatsapp beta version will allow users to make a doodle of any image.Apart from all these freestyle writings and new superb stickers will also be included in this update of Whatsapp.With this, soon users will be able to send emoji to a large format. Obviously, users were quite unhappy with whatsapp’s old updates. In this case, all the latest updates made for Android and iOS have been made to please the users.

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According to the old updates of whatsapp, the details of whether or not the user will share with Facebook. This means if you are a WhatsApp user, then Whatsapp has the full right to share your details on Facebook.

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According to the company, the contact number of Whatasp users will be used for the advertisements of marketing agencies appointed by Facebook, that means whatever the user needs, the same ad will appear on their Facebook page.