Twitter Account : According to Twitter’s 12th Biennial Transparency Report, the company has received 3% applications from the total account removal request from the Government of India / Police and Court. Between July and December 2017, the Indian government requested to get information about 315 Twitter accounts. Between January and July this figure was 261. The government asked the micro-blogging website to remove 144 accounts which was more than the previous 102 figures.

Twitter Account Removal Request

Twitter has deleted 1.2 million accounts: From the application of 315 Twitter account information to the Government of India, Twitter has provided information on such requests. Twitter has admitted the application of information given by the government to the application issued by law and other government agencies. Since August 2015, the company has removed more than 1.2 million accounts. The company said: “By the end of last year, we had suspended 274460 such accounts permanently.
In a statement released, Twitter said, “After years of hard work, we have managed to make our platform a place where there is no room for things like violence and terrorism. We are seeing this change too. Such activities on Twitter have now come down.

US: In the case of account information application, US is in the top position: Top of the case for applying for US account information. The request from the US was 28 percent. In spite of being top in terms of application, the number of US applications from the year 2012 has seen a decline of 17 percent.

Japan is at second place: According to the last three reports, Japan comes second in terms of application after US in this sequence. Japan gave 24 percent of the information applications.
It has been claimed in the report that the number of reports recorded in government records to promote terrorism is less than 0.2 per cent of the reported accounts so far. This cited the Human Rights Watch report, which suggests that governments around the world are using social media companies as censors to ban online speech.