You would almost believe that Game Freak has forgotten the ‘third’ Pokemon game within the same generation due to the absence of a Pokemon Z. The developer resumes the tradition with Pokemon Sun and Moon, the polished versions of the strong Pokemon Sun and Moon last year. Game Freak conjures up some new ideas from his top hat, ties loose ends and even let’s all baddies from all previous generations play a big finale. Reason enough for a return Alola, it seems.

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If you played Pokemon Sun and Moon game, then this second trip through the tropical archipelago feels very familiar. You are already traveling from island to island to complete various Trials, assisted by familiar faces and on the way back to the hip-hoppers of Team Skull. Here and their areas have been expanded or adapted, but your adventure follows largely the same pattern as the original games. As a result, you quickly feel like you are playing the same game.

That does not mean that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have nothing new to offer. Play Pokemon Sun and Moon demo and you will get to know what new it has to offer. For example, early in the game, you get access to Mantine Surf, a new Poké Ride that lets you travel in the form of a minigame between the different islands. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to play the surfminame in Pokemon Yellow, you’ll certainly enjoy Mantine Surf. You can also find stickers in Alola that you can exchange for Totem Pokemon and your Rotom Dex has been expanded with a number of new features, such as a lottery in which you earn special items. Compared to the innovations that Pokémon Sun and Moon brought, these novelties are somewhat insignificant, but they make the overall experience a bit nicer.

The biggest innovations can be found in the story and the available Pokémon. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon largely follow the story of their predecessors, but once the plot really loosens, the differences become all the clearer. The story feels more complete and satisfying since elements such as the Ultra Beasts, Tapu’s and various old acquaintances now form a beautiful whole. Game Freak also provides an extra surprise with Team Rainbow Rocket. That is an enemy team in which the bad guys of all previous generations are united. Complete it with a wide range of available Pokémon of all generations – Cloyster, Ampharos, Tyranitar! – and you get a nice ode to more than twenty years of Pokémon, and a worthy farewell for series on the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon Sun and Moon feel like a city trip to a city that you visited a few years ago. A new metro line has been laid out, this dilapidated residential area has given way to a modern museum and a number of new residents have established new dynamics. These changes are welcome and give the old experience a new impetus. But the very first impression that has made you fall in love with the city, you can only experience once, on your first visit. This is how these games also end up: they are better than their predecessors in all areas, but they fail to call up love once again at first glance. Get the link online for pokemon sun rom download. Try it once. It will be sure fun.


This makes it difficult to recommend Pokemon Sun and Moon game when Pokémon Sun and Moon are fresh in your memory. The experiences that both games offer are too close together to justify a trip to sun-drenched Alola. However, if you have skipped Pokémon Sun and Moon, you may expect the most comprehensive version of the most refreshing, innovative and simply best Pokémon game ever. And such a trip is always worth it.