Jio phone : Phones have always been a mandatory part of everyone. Whether near or far, you can talk to anyone but just dialing a number. As the world is advancing towards a better future, it is also seen that the telecom sector is improving its network. From 2G to 4G, we have come a long way. Not every phone supports 4G VOLTE sim. This is the reason why Jio has come up with a basic phone that supports 4G sim.

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Jio has always been a hotshot in the telecom industry. The people have always been trusted jio for its network connectivity. Recently, Jio has come up with a new handset. The handset was launched on 20th July 2018. Jio phone booking has already started with a boom, especially in the villages. The phone will cost around 1500 Rs which will be refunded when you return the phone. There are two plans:

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  • Buy a phone for 1500 and get 1500 refund when you give it back.
  • Give 501+594 rs. In this plan, 501 Rs will be refunded while you will get a recharge of 99 Rs 6 months.

The Jio phone features include

  • HD Voice calling
  • Free Voice Calls
  • Unlimited Data
  • Widest Coverage of 99%
  • Fastest 4G Speed everywhere in India
  • Free music, jio app access, movie, TV etc.
  • Facebook can also be accessed. Etc.

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Jio Phone Review

The jio phone review is positive. People are liking this phone. You can not get a phone with such great connectivity and features as this one. You will get 2.4-inch QVGA display, battery, charger, SD card slot, an alphanumeric keypad, headphone jack, torchlight FM etc. It is a self-sufficient phone. Though not smart one of the smartest phone in this range. So what are you waiting for? Book your phone today!